Sunday, December 30, 2012

Asheville, NC

We are in Asheville this weekend for New Year's.  Yesterday, we were able to meet up with friends that we haven't seen since we moved back to Selma.  We had a great time catching up, eating at our favorite restaurants, and reminiscing about when we all lived here.  

Friends Justin and Mary Katherine meet us for pizza and beer while passing through.  

Dental Friends Jeremy and Jenn, and her husband Mike.  Miss these guys!!!!!

Jeremy, Mike, Jenn, Katie, Logan, and Me
We tried out a new brewery that just opened this weekend.  Hanging out in bars and beer tasting rooms are not quite as fun when you can't partake in the least I was in good company so it was not so bad!


The for adult "children"

Intense Skeeball competition

So far, we have been in Asheville for less than 24 hr and we have already made it to 3 beer tasting rooms.  We have already eaten at our favorite pizza place (put they were out of our favorite pizza....we might have to go back before we leave).  Also on our agenda is to go to the grocery store and buy Logan's favorite beers and load up the car with as many as we can!  At least he has his priorities in line.  Today, I'm going to try to stop by as many chocolate stores and bakeries as I can....cause now, food to me is as beer is to Logan :)We are looking forward to resting and relaxing the rest of the weekend and New Year's Eve!

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