Friday, November 23, 2012

Our New, Old House

Logan and I purchased our first house about 8 months ago.  It was built in 1939 and needed some TLC!  Overall, it was in pretty good shape and has great bones.  On the inside, the paint was chipping and falling off, and the plaster walls had cracks.  We have been working on renovating it, and hope to be finished and moved in soon!  Some of our projects included repainting everything inside, refinishing all the hardwood floors, and totally redoing the kitchen.  We put in a HVAC system (the house had a furnace and window units), new plumbing in the kitchen and downstairs powder room, and had the windows reworked as they were painted shut with about 10 layers of paint.  We will put in new toilets, sinks and fixtures for the bathrooms.  We added spray insulation to the attic, and had new electrical done throughout the house.  WHEW!!!  Here are a few before pictures.  I will post some more when everything gets finished and do a room by room tour. 

View from the front of the house.  Look at the windows and how the blinds are pulled tight!  When we bought the house, all the windows had blinds, sheer curtains, and then regular curtains.  Notice how tall the scrubs are in the front.  Logan and I pruned them all back, but we think that we will pull some of them up this spring and start over.  

Back of house.  Yes....those are state of the art window units upstairs.  And the ivy was growing inside the house.
Living Room

This is the living room.  Don't you love the plush gold carpet?!!  Underneath is gorgeous oak flooring.  I love the plaster crown molding.  All of the rooms have plaster walls except for the kitchen because we totally gutted it and started over.


View from front door
 We thought about keeping the chairlift.  It would be convenient for Logan to get upstairs if he has had one too many adult beverages! :)
I kept the sink and had it refinished as well as the faucet.  

Downstairs half bath
Logan really wanted to keep this bathroom the way it was......NOT.  We removed all of this and actually moved a wall here to allow you to walk from the den into the kitchen.

Ranger likes it!

What a jungle!

Sun Porch
Dining Room
I'll do more posts later to show each room and how we refinished each one.  I'll also add some pictures of upstairs.  We can't wait to move in!


  1. YAY! I have been waiting patiently for this post. Can't wait to see, WOW at the bones this house has.

  2. Yay for house post!! I have loved seeing this reno step by step in person as well!! Cannot wait to see it in Dec and sooooooooo ready for y'all to move in already!! Come on contractors...get The Tuckers in their house!!

  3. Looking Good!! Can't wait to see the finished product!! :D