Sunday, September 13, 2009

NC Mountain Fair

This week is the NC Mountain State Fair. It is located about 15 minutes outside of Asheville. It has the usual fair rides along with really cool agricultural exhibits. I took some picutres of the Brahman bulls as well as the llamas. We also took a ride in the chair lift which allowed us to see views of the enitre fair grounds. For lunch I ate the famous fair corn dog.....what would the fair be without yummy corn dogs? I also managed to bring home a gold fish. So far he is still alive!

The llamas. These guys teeth look so funny!

Logan has been growing a 'stache!!!

War Eagle!


  1. Love the FAIR!!! Glad you ate a "cozy" dog! OMG on the stache!!! haha!!

  2. only logan would have a stache! that is hysterical! love the pics...