Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend Logan and I went to North East Alabama to visit our families. Friday and Saturday we stayed in Centre with the Tuckers. Sunday and Monday we were in Mentone. We had a family fish fry and watched the Auburn game. FYI: If you ever have a fish fry and want to know if the oil is hot enough to start cooking, place a match in the oil and if it is hot enough it with light. You can also put a drop of water in the oil and it should bubble on the top of the oil.

Logan and I went fly fishing and caught some very small brim. Not even worthy of a picture! Logan checked out the kayak, and we all enjoyed boat rides on the river.

We took a coulpe of family photos as well. We always like to go to Desoto falls to take a family picture on "the rock."

Logan and I stayed in the "Little House" this trip!

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