Friday, May 3, 2013

The Twins Have Arrived

Here are a few pictures of the Twins.  More to come soon!

Emily Steele Tucker 5lb 9 oz, 18 in long. Baby "A" born, 9:00 am April 30, 2013

Elliott Avery Tucker 6lb 6oz, 18 1/2 in long, Baby "B" born 9:12 am April 30th, 2013

Elliott (right) Emily (left)

Emily (left) Elliott (right) 
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Emily (left) Elliott (right)

Elliott (left) Emily (right)




  1. Precious blessings!! They are so cute :) From these pics it looks like Emily has her eyes open the most!! So tiny!! Can't wait to see them again! Hope they are loving their new home!!

  2. Love Love Love! So excited that the girls are here! They are both absolutely precious! I hope yall are having a blast with them!! :D