Saturday, September 18, 2010

War Eagle from Asheville

We are excited about watching the Auburn game tonight.  We are going to watch the game with some Auburn fans that we have meet in Asheville, but there will also be some Clemson fans there too.  We will have to make sure that we are on our best behavior, and not get too rowdy and loud.  Next week we will be in Auburn for our first game of the 2010 season.  Ranger says "War Eagle!"


  1. WAR EAGLE!!! Great game. Loving the blow up Aubie! heehee! I bet ya'll had fun with the clemson fans!! I would have had to say some quick goodbyes at the end! aha!

  2. Ya'll are hysterical with your blow up Aubie! Good to catch up yesterday, hope the crows were awesome!