Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mentone Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Logan and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Mentone, Alabama visiting my family. The trip started off slow when we came upon stand still bumper to bumper traffic on I-40 west. In October, there was a huge rock slide on I-40 between NC and TN state line that caused the interstate to be closed until about a month ago. We were excited that it reopened because it is a much easier ride compared to the two lane back roads.....well were we excited until it took 1 hr to travel 7 miles!!!! Apparently all traffic merges to one lane where construction and repairs are still be done. Logan enjoyed reading his book and Ranger liked sticking his head out the window while I drove....or putted at 5 MPH!

The weekend consisted of visiting with family, eating, sleeping, fishing, enjoying "social hour", puttering, and enjoying the river. This was Ranger's first trip to Mentone and I think that he really enjoyed it. He learned to fish and swim. He and Zeke became best friends.

On Saturday night, everyone gathered at our house to eat BBQ. Libby set up the ring toss game, and everyone played it all night.....even Aunt Mimi.

Sunday night Mrs. Janet drove over to eat and visit. She brought yummy homemade Milky Way ice cream. We were all stuffed afterwards and went to bed very early. It rained a lot Sunday night, so the the river was really up on Monday, and there was a lot of water going over the falls.

We all had a great weekend visiting everyone and relaxing, and it was really hard going back to work on Monday!


  1. Great post!! How did James enjoy Mentone? What is the ring toss game? Ranger looks exhausted going home and protecting your plant! aha!

  2. Awww... aren't trips home the best?? Ranger is the most precious pup EVER!

  3. Hey Abbie, it's Steven. I love the ring toss game. No snakes on this trip I take it?