Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Graveyard Fields

This past weekend the Caroline and Steven Bobo came to visit us in Asheville. We had a wonderful time showing them around the town and catching up. We did a tour of the Bitmore House on Saturday, and were able to see of the Christmas decorations. Sunday, we hiked at Graveyard Fields, one of the trails off of the Blueridge Parkway. The area got it's name years ago from the tree stumps and surrounding trees that looked like grave stones in a graveyard setting. The trees were toppled by a huge wind several hundred years ago. Then in 1925, an intense fire burned the recently logged area, and the forest has been slow in recovering since. It was a good hike with great views and two great waterfalls. We were so glad to enjoy such a fun weekend with the Bobos!

Steven with all of his hiking gear

Very tired face after hiking to top of trail to see the High Falls


  1. Yay!! GREAT POST!! you beat me to it!! really good pic of the falls. We had the best time!! Wonderful hosts!!

  2. Next time you get to the area, you ought to try the Black Balsam Knob trail. It's a little shorter and has spectacular views. Trailhead for BBK is only about 1 mile from where you parked at Graveyard Fields.